What is Maverick Excelsior?2023-10-02T17:56:39+02:00

Maverick Excelsior is a real-time jewelry visualization solution that runs directly on the web browser.

With it, you can effortlessly publish jewelry creations online, generate images and videos, and it works smoothly on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Excelsior comes in two parts:

  • Web Excelsior Editor: When you subscribe, you gain access to the editor. Here, you can import 3D models and render images/videos, or export to our proprietary interactive model viewer.
  • Web Excelsior Viewer: The viewer is free for everyone. It lets your customers interactively explore your jewelry creations from any device, without needing a license.
What technology is Maverick Excelsior built on?2023-10-02T17:58:08+02:00

At RandomControl, we take pride in the fact that we engineer our own proprietary technology.

With over two decades of experience and products such as Maverick Render, we have consistently pioneered the development of physically-based rendering engines.

Maverick Excelsior is a web application designed to seamlessly operate on a wide range of modern devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

To accomplish this, we meticulously crafted the Excelsior engine with a set of foundational constraints that guarantee compatibility and deliver optimal performance across all platforms.

For those with a technical background: we leveraged web technologies such as WebAssembly and WebGL2 throughout the development process.

Is Maverick Excelsior physically-accurate?2023-09-22T00:29:27+02:00

Maverick Excelsior is a close relative of our other product Maverick Render, which is an unbiased and physically-based render engine.

All products in the Maverick family share the same mathematical models for light simulation and material optical behavior.

So yes, Excelsior’s precious metals and gemstones are physically-correct.

In addition, our team carefully curates the library of photography-calibrated materials and ambience lightrooms included in the Web Excelsior Editor.

How is Maverick Excelsior different from Maverick Render?2023-10-02T18:04:25+02:00

Both Maverick Excelsior and Maverick Render are leading solutions for high-fidelity jewelry visualization.

However, there are some key differences:

  • Maverick Excelsior provides jewelry-specific features only. This laser-focused approach is the reason why Excelsior is so extraordinarily straightforward. Maverick Render on the other hand is an all-purpose render engine. While it can do jewelry exceptionally well, it can also handle any other type of 3D content. This comes with the burden of a much more dense UI and a steeper learning curve.
  • With Maverick Excelsior you can publish interactive experiences online in addition to rendering images and videos, whereas you can only create renders with Maverick Render.
  • Compatibility-wise, Maverick Excelsior is a web application and runs directly on the web browser, while Maverick Render is a classic desktop (Windows) application.
  • Maverick Excelsior runs virtually anywhere, while Maverick Render requires a modern Nvidia RTX GPU and a Windows PC

Anybody can produce high-quality jewelry photography in Excelsior from the get-go. Even without any previous knowledge in rendering!

Maverick Render on the other hand is more suitable for experienced 3D specialists.

What is the Web Excelsior Editor?2023-10-02T19:22:44+02:00

Maverick Excelsior comes in two parts:

  • Web Excelsior Editor
  • Web Excelsior Viewer

When you subscribe, you gain access to the editor. whereas the viewer is free for everyone.

The editor is a web application where you can import 3D jewelry models and:

  • Take pictures.
  • Capture videos.
  • Export your data so it can be explored in our proprietary interactive viewer.

We encourage you to take a look at the Docs Area, where you can learn about the capabilities of the Web Excelsior Editor in detail.

What is the Web Excelsior Viewer?2023-10-02T19:34:13+02:00

Maverick Excelsior comes in two parts:

  • Web Excelsior Editor
  • Web Excelsior Viewer

When you subscribe, you gain access to the editor. whereas the viewer is free for everyone.

The viewer is an HTML canvas which you can embed in your website (or share via a link) with exactly the same interactive visualization capabilities as the Editor. A visitor to a website where the viewer is embedded can explore the 3D model interactively, rotate, zoom in, etc…

We encourage you to take a look at the Docs Area, where you can learn about the specifics of how to share links or embed interactive content on a website.

Note that the only way to author and export content compatible with our interactive viewer is through the Web Excelsior Editor, which requires a subscription.

Note also that the format in which you export data from the editor for it to be explored in the viewer is proprietary and can’t be read with any other 3D application. This, remarkably, means that your 3D designs will be safe when published. Nobody will be able to simply download and use them.

Can my 3D models be stolen if I publish them with the Viewer?2023-10-13T18:52:27+02:00

No. Our file format is protected.

Maverick Excelsior exports interactive models in our proprietary file format .WEBEX, which can only be written from the Web Excelsior Editor and can only be viewed with the Web Excelsior Viewer.

In particular, Excelsior does not use generic file formats like .GLB or .GLTF like other solutions do.

Is Maverick Excelsior subscription-only?2023-09-22T00:21:33+02:00

Yes, it is.

Maverick Excelsior is a web application hosted in our cloud servers. As such, the Web Excelsior Editor is SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and requires an active plan in order to run.

Depending on the use you intend to make of Maverick Excelsior, different pricings and feature-sets are available. These are listed in our electronic shop:


Does Maverick Excelsior have any specific hardware requirements?2023-10-02T18:49:28+02:00

No. Broadly speaking, it doesn’t.

Maverick Excelsior runs directly on the web browser and is built on top of WebGL, which is a widely-adopted industry standard for 3D graphics. This means that any modern device with a web browser should be compatible.

For example, any desktop or laptop computer, tablet or mobile phone from the past 5+ years should be able to explore interactive content through the Web Excelsior Viewer.

In order to use the Web Excelsior Editor we recommend a desktop or laptop computer, though. Those provide more computational power, and usually come with a much larger display. These characteristics allow for a much better experience when importing, editing and previewing content.

On the other hand, the Web Excelsior Viewer is built to run virtually anywhere. Note, however, that performance may suffer in older or lower-end devices.

Do I always have to be online to use the Editor?2023-10-02T19:27:12+02:00

Yes, you do.

The Web Excelsior Editor is a web application hosted in our cloud servers which you can access directly from your web browser.

This means that no software installation on your computer is required. Simply access our website and you’re good to go.

But this naturally means that a running online connection is mandatory.

What platforms does Maverick Excelsior run on?2023-10-02T18:42:11+02:00

Maverick Excelsior runs directly on the web browser, so virtually any modern device with web browsing capabilities should be compatible.

The same applies to the Operating System, as Maverick Excelsior (like the web) is OS-agnostic.

Excelsior has been thoroughly tested on a wide range of modern:

  • Windows desktop/laptop computers.
  • Android tablets and mobile phones.
  • Macintosh computers.
  • iPad/iPhone devices.
Is there a trial version available?2023-10-02T18:11:44+02:00

There is no trial version of the Web Excelsior Editor.

However, you can review the Docs Area to learn what Excelsior can do, or schedule a live demo with our team by sending us an email at: info@maverickexcelsior.com

Additionally, you can find many jewelry picture/video/interactive examples in our Gallery Page.

The interactive examples in the gallery run through the Web Excelsior Viewer and are representative of the performance and visual quality of Maverick Excelsior.

Can I use Maverick Excelsior for non-jewelry 3D models?2023-10-02T18:07:11+02:00

No. You can’t.

From its inception, Maverick Excelsior has been designed to be a jewelry-exclusive solution.

The physics simulation framework we use for light transfer and material appearance is specific to the needs of precious metals and gemstones.

Also, only jewelry materials and ambiences calibrated for objects the size of jewelry pieces are featured in the Web Excelsior Editor library.

What 3D file formats does Maverick Excelsior support?2023-10-02T18:52:35+02:00

The Web Excelsior Editor imports McNeel’s Rhinoceros 3DM files.

The Web Excelsior Viewer uses our own proprietary format, which can only be authored from the Web Excelsior Editor and can only be explored from the Web Excelsior Viewer.

This is quite an important feature:

Because of this, your published interactive designs are no longer in 3DM or any other readable format that a malicious third-party could steal.

Are licenses valid for 30 days or until the end of the calendar month?2023-09-21T17:03:39+02:00

Our licensing system counts time from the date of purchase.

So your plan will auto-renew (or auto-cancel, according to your account settings) after 30 natural days.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?2023-10-02T18:13:16+02:00

Subscriptions can be canceled from your user account anytime, at no cost.

If you decide to cancel your plan, your subscription will stay active and run normally until the end of the ongoing billing period. Past that time, your subscription will be terminated permanently and the Web Excelsior Editor will no longer run.

Note that if you change your mind, cancelations can be undone (free of charge) before the end of the billing period.

Naturally, you can also re-subscribe at a later time if you wish to use Maverick Excelsior again.

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