Maverick Excelsior comes in two parts:

  • Web Excelsior Editor
  • Web Excelsior Viewer

When you subscribe, you gain access to the editor. whereas the viewer is free for everyone.

The viewer is an HTML canvas which you can embed in your website (or share via a link) with exactly the same interactive visualization capabilities as the Editor. A visitor to a website where the viewer is embedded can explore the 3D model interactively, rotate, zoom in, etc…

We encourage you to take a look at the Docs Area, where you can learn about the specifics of how to share links or embed interactive content on a website.

Note that the only way to author and export content compatible with our interactive viewer is through the Web Excelsior Editor, which requires a subscription.

Note also that the format in which you export data from the editor for it to be explored in the viewer is proprietary and can’t be read with any other 3D application. This, remarkably, means that your 3D designs will be safe when published. Nobody will be able to simply download and use them.