Both Maverick Excelsior and Maverick Render are leading solutions for high-fidelity jewelry visualization.

However, there are some key differences:

  • Maverick Excelsior provides jewelry-specific features only. This laser-focused approach is the reason why Excelsior is so extraordinarily straightforward. Maverick Render on the other hand is an all-purpose render engine. While it can do jewelry exceptionally well, it can also handle any other type of 3D content. This comes with the burden of a much more dense UI and a steeper learning curve.
  • With Maverick Excelsior you can publish interactive experiences online in addition to rendering images and videos, whereas you can only create renders with Maverick Render.
  • Compatibility-wise, Maverick Excelsior is a web application and runs directly on the web browser, while Maverick Render is a classic desktop (Windows) application.
  • Maverick Excelsior runs virtually anywhere, while Maverick Render requires a modern Nvidia RTX GPU and a Windows PC

Anybody can produce high-quality jewelry photography in Excelsior from the get-go. Even without any previous knowledge in rendering!

Maverick Render on the other hand is more suitable for experienced 3D specialists.