This is a written record of the most recent upgrades we’ve made to our software.

Note that since Maverick Excelsior is a web app you don’t need to install or upgrade anything when a new version is released. The latest version of the software is continuously available when you access our website.

IMPORTANT: To make sure that you are using the most recent build of the Web Excelsior Editor, hard-refresh the EDITOR page in your browser.

The Web Excelsior Editor displays its Build Number at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Build 53680

  • Detached the ambiences library in a per-category shelf.

Build 53560

  • Slightly smaller .webex files.
  • Added two more options to the POSE control. Now it is possible to rotate +/-90 degrees straight.

Build 53300

  • Fixed a memory overflow when recording large-resolution videos that was producing either a freeze, or an incomplete video.
  • Slightly faster video codec (faster video recording).
  • Added a temptative control for image sharpen. This may end up turning to be a built-in preset instead of an option.