Render pictures and videos

Maverick Excelsior is an extraordinary solution to take high-fidelity pictures and record videos of your designs.

We invite you to take a look at our Gallery of examples:

Video Settings panel

From this panel you can easily configure some options that will define the speed and appearance of your turntable videos.

Speed: Controls the rotation speed. Choose from Very Fast (3 seconds), Fast (6 seconds), Normal (12 seconds), or Slow (18 seconds). We recommend Normal or Slow for a smooth turntable that showcases your model effectively.

Motion: Choose between Constant or Ease in/out for the speed at which your turntable begins and ends. Constant speed is always the same, while Ease in/out provide ramped up/down speed progression.

Rotation: Angle covered by the turntable. Set it to 360 degrees for a complete rotation. Use smaller angles for detailed video highlights of your jewelry.

Flip: Toggles between clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation.

Boomerang: Activate this feature if you want the turntable to flip direction at the end of its rotation.

Take picture

The TAKE PICTURE button captures a high-quality version of the viewport’s current view.

Generating a still frame render in Excelsior is as easy as navigating to a viewpoint that you like, and pressing this button.

A PNG image file with the render will be automatically downloaded to your web browser’s Downloads folder. The filename is suffixed by the current date and time to avoid overwriting.

Preview video

The PREVIEW VIDEO button starts and endless loop that runs through the video as currently configured. This will allow you to preview the final sequence without waiting for the video generation process to complete.

The CANCEL SEQUENCE button will show up at the top of the screen while the preview is running. Hold it pressed to stop the preview loop and return to editing mode.

Record video

The RECORD VIDEO button will produce a video file with the current configuration in the VIDEO SETTINGS panel.

The video encoding process will be monitored in real-time and take a couple of minutes (e.g., on an RTX2080Ti at 1080px).

The resulting MP4 video file will be downloaded to your web browser’s Downloads folder. Like in the case of PNG pictures, our video filenames are suffixed by the current date and time to avoid overwriting.

You can abort an ongoing video recording process with the CANCEL SEQUENCE button at the top of the screen.

An early canceled sequence will still download an MP4 with the piece of video recorded so far.

Export interactive

Important: Online model publishing is only available to PRO subscription plan users.

Interactive model publishing is covered in depth in the next documentation pages.

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