Publishing your model online

Important: Online model publishing is only available to PRO subscription plan users.

One of the highlights of Maverick Excelsior is the ability to publish interactive jewelry content on the web.

Typical use cases of online publishing are:

  • Sharing links to interactive versions of your designs with your customers.
  • Embedding interactive versions of your designs in your website or in an e-commerce platform.

Note that while you need a PRO subscription in order to export your designs in a format compatible with the Excelsior Web Viewer, the Viewer is free for everyone.

Meaning that the viewer experience will be completely transparent to your online audience. They won’t need to enable or install anything at all.

It is also important to remark that 3D designs published with Maverick Excelsior can not be stolen. We exclusively use proprietary rendering technology and our file format (.webex) can not be opened or viewed with any regular 3D application except for the Web Excelsior Viewer.

Exporting an interactive model

The first step is to export your model to our proprietary WEBEX file format.

You can do that with the EXPORT INTERACTIVE button. The file exported will carry your geometry in a format that only the Web Excelsior Viewer can read, and your currently configured materials, lighting and general settings.

Note that before you can share a link or embed the WEBEX file you must host it somewhere online.

Creating a share-able Viewer link

The easiest way to allow someone to experience your designs interactively is to create a public Viewer link.


If you have FTP hosting at your disposal, all you need to do is upload the exported WEBEX file to your FTP in a publicly accessible location.

Say that once uploaded your WEBEX file can be accessed through the URL:

Then you can simply generate a valid Excelsior Viewer link by concatenating said URL to our Viewer’s:

Your resulting share-able link will look something like this:

Here is a working example with one of our gallery models:

Now you can simply copy-paste the link to anyone for them to explore your jewelry interactively from their computer, tablet or phone.

Warning: This method currently has a file-size limit of 32MB.

Additionally, you can use a URL shortener service (such as to produce a shorter version of your URL, or even a QR code.

QR codes come handy if you want to display the link through a storefront window, or in printed form in a flyer:

For example, these are the shortened and QR versions of the above working URL:


If you don’t have FTP hosting at your disposal you can resort to a service like Google Drive, which we support as well.

For this you need to place your WEBEX file in your Google Drive, and then create a Public Shared Link.

Important: It is critical that the shared link is configured to be Viewable by Everyone. Any other option will not work.

Press Copy link.

Your shared link will look something like this:

The important part is the lengthy alphanumeric code in the middle (i.e., the file ID, in bold):


You must concatenate this ID after our viewer’s URL prefix:

Like this:

Again, you can use your resulting link as is, shorten it, or create a QR code for it.

Note that resorting to Google Drive may lead to longer load times, and the Viewer may not display a loading progress bar. So we recommend FTP hosting when available.

Warning: This method currently has a file-size limit of 32MB.

Warning: As of 2023, Google Drive still allows for anonymous public file downloads. But there is no guarantee that free downloads will remain available in the future. Naturally, Google’s policies are out of our control. So the takeaway is that you should only resort to Google Drive for transient links, such as when you want to show a client a preview of a design. But you should never rely on Google Drive to build a pemanent gallery of models on your website, for example.

Interactive jewelry in your website

A more advanced use of our Viewer is to embed interactive content directly in your web store, like we do at the top of our Homepage or in our Gallery.

Please read the Viewer hosting specific section for more detailed instructions.

Shopify, WooCommerce, …

In order to integrate WEBEX content in a well-established e-commerce platform such as WooCommerce or Shopify, an <iframe> is necessary.

Please read the e-commerce specific section for more detailed instructions.

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