Preparing your 3D model

Maverick Excelsior imports 3D jewelry models in 3DM (McNeel Rhino) format.

In general, if your designs are created in Matrix, RhinoGold, or MatrixGold, they will import fine without doing anything special.

However, the requirements described here must be met for a 3DM model to import correctly in Maverick Excelsior.


Maverick Excelsior infers the material family for each object based on the layer organization in your model.

  • Gem objects must be children of the Gem layer.
  • Metal objects must be children of the Metal layer.
  • Pearl objects must be children of the Pearl layer.

Create as many layers as you need to properly separate your materials.

This is an example of valid organization in Rhino:

Once imported in Maverick Excelsior, a material will be attached to each layer present in Rhino.


Layers containing words such as Diamond or Emerald will also be interpreted as Gem materials.

Layers containing words such as Setting, Object, Heads, Finger, Cutting, Creation, or User will be interpreted as Metal materials.


Position your model vertically, centered at the origin of coordinates (0,0,0). The model must face the Y axis as shown below.

If your final images or videos must not feature your model in vertical position, you can make it rest on the floor using the Maverick Excelsior POSE tool.

Save as 3DM

Once your model meets these requirements, just save it as 3DM.

Make sure to not use the Save Small option, as the 3DM file must carry Rhino’s meshing of the model.

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